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Hi cutie~ Thank you for stumbling upon my blog ^^ Can I get you anything? Perhaps a cup of hot tea or a mini plum muffin? Honeydew bubble tea?

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heyyyy i recently opened up a resource blog

come check it out, join the partayy:


Anonymous: Hello hello ~ how is your day going? :) your secret admirer is here /bow/ ahaha, you are right, we always ended up talking about food somehow xD. I hope you have better things in your fridge now~ I'm currently running out of chips, but cant buy more since my mother gonna throw a tantrum T__T now~ let's get to know each other with some info beside food! shall we? ;) what is your fav color? Where do you think is the safest place of all time? *.*

Hiiiii! My day’s going good! I accidentally took a nap which totally defeated my purpose of being tired so I could go to bed early orz. I can’t wait until we get to reveal ourselves!! It’s so close I really wanna know who you areeeee. Yes of course we shall :) My favorite color is purple but it’s a very specific purple… I should find the exact color code… Hmm… What’s your favorite color? I’m going to guess green how close am i? The safest place of all time? Umm probably my bed haha. Or maybe a remote island out in the middle of nowhere.. that miraculously never gets flooded or typhooned. But yeah! What’s your answer? :o